The reduction of NBN satellite complaints in Australia

The Australian telcos have received a decrease in the number of claims in the past 12 months. The drop was almost by one quarter according to the statistics issued on Wednesday by the ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority). In one year, from 1st January to December 31St, the number of claims on 10,000 SIO (services in operation) decreased by 24 percent to 93 compared to 30th September, where the drop was 20 percent to 97.  

The most complained service was the broadband about the type of its services had 341 complaints in 10,000 SIO. The second most complained service is the NBN broadband which registered 126 claims in 10,000 SIO and the third with the least complaints was a traditional fixed voice which had 47 complains in 10,000 SIO

There was a significant drop in most of the services on the same period of 12 months for the period ended 31st December. The fixed broadband had east complaints, which had reduced by 21 percent. The claims in NBN were 36 percent having a decrease of 15 percent while the traditional voice complained reduced to 49 percent, which was the least in all companies. Besides a reduction of other broadband, the mobile service’s complain increased by 1.6 percent. 

The number of complaints that the total Telco’s received was 297,000 in the quarter, which ended on 31st September while there were 283,800 complaints in three months from September to 31stDecember31st December.  

Concerning the NBN broadband on the technological aspect, there were very few complaints than expected except for the satellite ich had an increase of 60 percent in the total number of complaints in 10,000 SIO. From January to September, the satellite had recorded a yearly growth of about 365 percent complaints.  

The other technology had a December quarter complaint about the technological issues of 66 percent for Fiber-to –the –curb connections, which is 153 per 10,000 SIO. The fiber-to-the-premises had 80 claims in 10,000 SIO, which is an implication of a 46 percent yearly drop. The above made fiber-to-the-premises connection became the least complained technology in the NBN. The second in the line was the satellite complaints spiking. The fiber-to-the-node had a 45 percent fall of the total claims in 10,000 SIO to 107. The fixed wireless had 124 claims in 10,000 SIO, which was a drop by 13 percent, and the fiber to the basement had 161 complaints in 10,000 SIO, which is a 38 percent drop. The most complained fiber is the Hybrid fiber on the connection type with a drop of 41 percent to 202 complaints in 10,000 SIO in the December quarter of the year 2018. 

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