The most viewed online event was SpaceX’s first launch according to NASA

The Demo-2 experimental flight, which went down on the 30th of May, was SpaceX’s first operation, which was crewed; it had two spacemen from NASA Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken, who were sent to the International Space Station.

The departure was the first one to be initiated since 2011 when NASA retired its spacecraft. It happened on U.S grounds with the orbital crewed. It was reported that a large number of people were streaming online the launch event that was going down.

The agency officials quoted that the information was still being gathered, and some of their metrics confirmed that steamship for the SpaceX’s launch broadcast that was on the social media platforms had over 10 million people streaming in real-time. It was most definitely the most viewed event ever.

The acting Associate Administrator for Communications in NASA quoted in a news conference moments after the two spacemen highlighted at the International Space Station that Demo-2 broke is meant for internet traffic and not streaming of all kinds, she went further and gave out instances like that time in 1969 when Apollo 11 was landing. Over five hundred million folks were tuned to watch the launch till the end.

The highly respectable officials of the U.S government, even Vice President Pence, have started to indicate ways between the Apollo 11 and Demo-2, emphasizing that both of them happened in a duration whereby the United States was at its lowest point and great turmoil.

The Apollo mission was faced with lots of challenges, such as the demonstrations against the Vietnam War and the civil-rights abuses that spread widely. And during this time, they are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the social restlessness curtailing from the tragic loss of George Floyd at the custody of Minneapolis police.

The rocket dubbed as the Saturn V rockets, which was in charge of launching the Apollo mission ascended above the uproar and the clamor of that time. They were a sign of national strength and unity, and Pence quoted moments after the Demo-2 took off. It is no doubt that a more notable ratio of the U.S people will find inspiration today even with the pandemic still around and that they will be able to rekindle that unity of purpose that was experienced in the 1960s when the Apollo was being launched.

SpaceX has acquired a contract that is over 2 billion, and they are supposed to execute six flights that are operational crewed. It has been recorded that if the Demo-2 pushes through fruitfully, the Elon Musk’s company will be certified to commence doing the contracted operations.


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