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Iran ready to lift off a satellite soon 

Iran organizes to lift off a new scientific surveillance satellite in the coming days, a report according to AFP. 

Development of the ‘Zafar,’ meaning ‘Victory’ debuted 2017. The satellite weighs 113 kilograms, and it will lift off with the help of Simorgh rocket. 

Mohammad Javad Azri Jahromi, who is the Iranian Minister of Information and Communications Technology, stated that satellite would be lifted off before 11 February, which the date for the anniversary of the Islamic Mutiny. 

There are two types of satellite produced just in case the lift-off process becomes unsuccessful. Data concerning the satellite would be ‘undoubtedly made to the community.’ The main functions of Zafar are to perform broadcastings, snapping pictures, and ‘picking up space indicators.’ The working period of the satellite is one year and six months. 

The primary operation of the satellite would be gathering pictures, a report as per Berari. Iran’s satellite operation is for the ‘diplomatic use of outer space. All team events in the area of outer space are clear.

On Monday, the spokesperson for the Iranian Defense Ministry Space Group pronounced that Iran plans to unleash two new locally developed satellite transporters soon. The reports came shortly following Iran’s approval on lifting a satellite soon. 

The Islamic State tries to develop solid-fuel satellite transporters, and they will unleash the ‘Sarir’ and ‘Soroush’ very soon. 

Iran lifted off its first satellite by the name ‘Omid,’ meaning ‘Hope’ into trajectory in February 2009. This is as per the Iranian Fars news Organization. A second satellite by the name ‘Rasad,’ meaning ‘Observation,’ lifted off in June 2011. A third satellite is known as ‘Navid,’ meaning ‘Promise,’ lifted off in 2012.  

The development of the ‘Payam 2’ telecommunications satellite will debut at the end of May, as per Barari. Developing the satellite would take up to four years. In January of the previous year (2019), a satellite by the name ‘Payam’ lifted off, although it was not fruitful and was not able to acquire its required speed during the third phase of its lift-off process due to mechanical anomalies. 

On Saturday, Barari told Fars that Iran is among the top five states having space location and one of the top nine states in the field of planning and manufacturing satellites. Iran will lift off four surplus satellites into the orbiting path between March of this year (2020) and March of next year (2021). These could comprise of two satellites for capacity and taking pictures as well as for IT purposes. 

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