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Indoor Cycling Bike Market 2020 – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2026


Indoor cycling bike, i.e., Stationary bike, is usually used in Gym, Clubs, or home for maintaining physical fitness. It is a static machine bike that resembles a bike. It has similar parts as a regular cycling bike such as saddle, handle bars, pedals, and foot straps. It allows proper exercise for regular work out. It offers low impact workout, and hence, it works even in a situation where some person suffers from back pain or joint pain. It helps to reduce weight and fight lifestyle diseases such as hyper tension, diabetes, and stress.

Due to a hectic schedule, people are prone to eat unhealthily or prefer junk food. Such habits increase the fat content, and it becomes important to keep up a healthy lifestyle by either rushing to the gym or by preferring some healthy exercises at home. Health consciousness has also increased amongst individuals, and thus, exercise helps in growing stamina, stimulates heart rate, and burns fat. Indoor Cycling Bike Market serves for fitness needs of individuals. The market share of the Indoor Cycling Bike is the highest amongst home consumers. The Indoor Cycling bike provides grip, posture, and effect over the muscles as in case of an actual outdoor cycling bike. Thus, such a factor also raises the demand for exercise equipment such as the Indoor Cycling Bike unit.

As people have become health conscious, their purchasing power has also increased with high disposable income. Growth in Cardio Problems is raising awareness, and thus, youth have targeted to build a healthy lifestyle. Manufacturers have brought in varied king of Indoor Cycling bikes with innovative technology. The bike comes with features such as in-built fan, live video streaming, etc.

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Key Players
The report on global Indoor Cycling Bike market has profiled some distinguished vendors as well as promising new market entrants.

Brunswick Corporation
Mad Dogg Athletics
Paradigm Health?Wellness
Keiser Corporation
BH Fitness
Johnson Health
SOLE Treadmills
Assault Fitness


Indoor Cycling Bike Market is most used for personal use at home as well as in Clubs and Gym. Based on the requirement, the market classification can be split into Product and application type. The Indoor Cycling bike is available in two types, i.e., Magnetic Resistance and Felt Pad Resistance, Upright Bike, and Recumbent Bike. Based on application, the Indoor Cycling Bike is available for home, Fitness Centre’s, Sports Training Centre, Medical Centre, Rehabilitation Centre or Club.

Regional Overview:

Health concerns are growing globally, and hence, fitness becomes an integral part of one’s health. North America is leading amongst all regions when it comes to Indoor Cycling Bike Market. The Global Indoor Cycling Market is majorly concentrated in regions such as North  America, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, GCC Countries, Egypt, South Africa, Latin America (Brazil), Central and South America, Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, France and UK), Middle East and Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan).

Industry News:

The Global Indoor Cycling Market was estimated at around 577.1 million USD in 2019, which is expected to reach up to 752.6 million USD by 2024, exhibiting a CAGR value of 5.5% between the forecast period 2019-2024. Though the world economy has witnessed a slowdown, the market is expected to rise as competition, strict daily routine, hectic schedule, and change in lifestyle are the key market drivers.


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