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Green Cab Bought by The Company that introduced it to Electric Cars.

Only over 100 days after Madison-based Green Cab’s vehicles turned into electric cars, Madison, the new start-up, acquired the 10-year old shuttle service.

Green Cab incorporated by Zerology’s parent company Mobile Transformation continues operating and rising, its founder and Chief Executive Officer Shree Kalluri informed Wisconsin State Journal Wednesday.

Kalluri did not disclose the purchase terms. 

One of Zerology’s first activities was to start to lease the Tesla Model three electric vehicles to the Green Cab in October, intending to reduce transportation emissions of greenhouse gases. Zerology company came into existence last year. 

Kalluri said that the fleet now has approximately 35 Teslas.

He said the Green Cab partnership has a basis on a shared perception of creating an environment-friendly mode of transport. Green Cab, with an entire fleet of hybrid vehicles, was established in 2010.

“Environmental awareness has already settled in,” said Kalluri.

Green Cab and Zerology will proceed to operate as independent Mobility Transport companies, and Zerology will partner with Green Cab to enhance the driver’s experience and consumer service, said Kalluri.

Kalluri said Zerology–which has increased investments by more than $5 million –intends in March to unveil a new riders ‘ app.

Since the move of the commonly-hyped Tesla cars to a wholly-electric fleet, travelling in Green Cab has increased considerably, Kalluri said. The vehicles travelled over 500,000 miles during the first 100 days. 

The transition to all-electric vehicles necessitated a shift in the company’s infrastructure, particularly with charging points. Zerology built four rapid charging facilities with Madison Gas and Electric and Tesla, along with twenty additional lower-speed charging points, to ensure the continued charging of vehicles. Kalluri said that each car could travel 300 kilometres at full charge. 

Jodie Schmidt, the co-founder of Green Cab, said in a comment, “We had to refocus on running our business entirely.” “To satisfy the demands, we required more drivers and customer service assistance. A decisive issue is that we learn to charge cycles and contribute to improving Zerology’s new software.

On-demand cars are accessible and continue to be available through the Green Cab, but Kalluri also said regular and planned rides would be the main focus of the company. The goal is to reduce transport pollution and the number of cars on the road, says Kalluri, for Mobility transition as a whole.

Kalluri formed the PercipEnz Technologies clinical research management system corporation and subsequently renamed it Forte Research Systems, which Advarra, an international quality, and regulatory services company, purchased in September.

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