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Center Pompidou Rises China Policy with Shanghai satellite

The Parisian modern art department is taking the long view in its strategy of attracting Chinese outbound traveling workers. This particular portion is increasingly looking for national skills, so it is a significant step to park a satellite arm in the cultural center of China to develop brand sentience. 

In the past two years, the Center of Pompidou operated a public organization with a profound and long-standing problem: to catapult the museum into the leading tier of Parisian vacationing centers. One might assume accommodating the globe’s second-largest collection of contemporary art in developing groundbreaking proportions since they would be sufficient in accomplishing trendy status with visitors. However, city advocates such as Notre Dame and the Louvre have reduced the attendance numbers of the museum. 

The strategy of the agency was to position a crew of compelling merchants to sell souvenir copies of the inside out museum together with ubiquitous Eiffel Towers and Arc de Triomphe, which was a movement of cultural guerrilla warfare.  However, when it comes to seeing the most profitable subset of this industry- cultural tourists of China- Centre Pompidou takes even more vital steps in correcting the fact that a meager one percent of its companies come from China. 

For context, 79 percent of visitors of China defied the crowds to take in the Louvre in the previous year, while 80 percent of the tourists took in opinions of the city of love for the top of the Eiffel Tower. Such conflicting figures may be disturbing to the officials of Pompidou, however, given that two million mainlanders anticipated in the capital of France over 2020, with 96 percent of such visitors mainly motivated by discovering museums and monuments, the chance for some impetus is positively possible. 

If the assignment is to encourage cultural devotees of China to see beyond the Mona Lisa and the Musee d’Orsay’s Water Lilies for creative stimulus, the opening of the fresh Center Pompidou, West Bund Museum Project along the equivalent museum of Shanghai Mile in the year 2019 is as determined as a bid for courtesy as anybody can make. While the president of Pompidou, Serge’s Lasvignes, has avoided notions of the new building, being a landmark arts terminus in the cultural capital of China should grow new awareness among outbound itinerants. This point supported by the constancy of the two hubs of the museum.

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